Peer Reviewed Articles and Chapters

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"Duty to Protect," authored by Andrew Kopelman. Chapter contained in Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry, First Edition, Drs. Elizabeth Ford and Merrill Rotter, Oxford University Press, 2014.

Social media's challenges for psychiatry.

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Disclosures of conflicts of interest in psychiatric review articles.

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CD4(+) T cells contribute to the remodeling of the microenvironment required for sustained tumor regression upon oncogene inactivation.

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Requests for 692 transfers to an academic level I trauma center: implications of the emergency medical treatment and active labor act.

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A mutant Drosophila insulin receptor homolog that extends life-span and impairs neuroendocrine function.

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Academic Presentations and Abstracts

"Social Media and Psychiatry"
Paul Appelbaum, MD and Andrew Kopelman, MD Columbia University Psychiatry/NYSPI Grand Rounds, Columbia U., 3/25/11.

"Psychiatric Healthcare in Tanzania"
Andrew Kopelman, MD and Sargam Jain, MD Payne Whitney Manhattan Grand Rounds, Weill Cornell University, 6/2/10. American Psychoanalytic Assoc. Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., 6/09/10.

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